Outdoor Digital Entertainment

When building an outdoor patio, you want to make sure that the outdoor living experience has the same quality of digital entertainment options you have in your home.

  • What will you want in terms of TV for watching sports or maybe a movie night outside? Do you need a bright TV that will deal with lack of shade? Will you need something that is more weather resistant than a normal TV because of where it is located on the patio? Can you benefit from more than one TV on the patio?
  • How will you distribute the sound throughout the patio so you don’t have to turn up the volume so loud on one end to hear it on the other side of the patio. How will you control the music so you don’t have to leave the party to skip a track or adjust the volume. Do you need a zone for the pool and one for the patio
  • Can you existing WiFi in the home service the devices you have put on your patio? How will you control these devices if you don’t have adequate coverage on the patio?

Mission Digital can provide ideas as well as implementation services for the concepts mentioned above. We commonly work with the customer from the time of a drawing to framing and into the final touches of the patio or pool build. This ensures the proper cabling, speakers, and power is in place once it is time to turn on your outdoor living experience.