Outdoor Digital

If you are building outdoor space, you want to be sure you can enjoy great-sounding music as well as streaming or sports in your new space. The right type of cabling, conduit, and other preparations must be made so that you can fully enjoy your outdoor living space.

Mission Digital can work with you during the design, building, and finishing process for an amazing outdoor digital experience.

Outdoor Audio

Music is an essential element of any outdoor gathering, and sound from just one portable speaker isn’t going to cut it. Whether controlled from your smartphone or integrated into your existing home audio system, we offer a variety of premium outdoor audio products that seamlessly blend into your outdoor landscape. We offer outdoor speakers from TruAudio and Sonos that provide high-fidelity, full-range sound with a variety of models for multiple environments. A pool has different sound demands than a deck, and these audio systems are customizable for your backyard’s specific needs.

Outdoor Televisions

You may have the perfect set-up in place throughout your house, but what about your outdoor space? Where you place your TV determines which brand and model would be the best fit. Outdoor TVs enhance beautifully designed spaces and bring people together.

Outdoor WiFi

Outdoor living spaces often get forgotten about in terms of WiFi / Internet access. With a properly planned and installed mesh wireless system, your outdoor area can have as great of the Internet as indoors. This provides a solid infrastructure for streaming music or TV viewing. Additionally, ensures responsive controls from your smartphone for any integrated solutions you have.