AT&T Fiber in Greatwood

AT&T is finally finishing the install of Fiber Internet in Greatwood. Within a few weeks of the conduit being buried / bored in the utility easements, it can be ordered online. Residents have asked, why do we need this? I have U-Verse Internet from AT&T already and Comcast has highspeed Xfinity Internet in Greatwood. The prior Internet service from AT&T, sometimes called DSL or U-Verse, was based on technology that has been around for 30 years and has hit the end of its life.

Fiber has almost limitless speeds and dramatically reduces latency. Latency is a key part of Internet traffic because it is the time that it takes to get your request or packet from your computer to the destination website, service, or game that exists on the Internet. It also provides your home with an alternative to Comcast / Xfinity Internet to ensure you get competitive pricing options.

Mission Digital has a few tips to consider if you decide to make the jump over to AT&T Fiber as it becomes available to order in your neck of Greatwood.

  • AT&T will try to deliver the fiber to an outside wall of your home. In most cases, this is the least amount of effort for AT&T. The problem with this is it isn’t the best scenario for either the interior look of your home nor the delivery of WiFi to your devices throughout the home.
    • Reach out to Mission Digital so that we can assist with the install. We can take a spool of fiber from AT&T and route it through your attic and down an interior wall. This also ensures you will get the fastest speeds possible to where any future equipment maybe added.
  • The WiFi equipment that comes built into the AT&T router is not equipped to properly distribute WiFi throughout your home. It doesn’t do any good to increase the speeds of Internet you are paying for if you can’t effectively deliver it throughout the home.
    • Mission Digital can help you get a mesh WiFi system installed in your home so that you can fully realize the speeds from fiber. New technology like WiFi 6e can deliver gigabit speeds over WiFi.
  • Consider how much speed you really need. Most homes are not likely to use the full speeds of AT&T Fiber. What everyone can benefit from is the low latency from fiber. As mentioned above, this is the time it takes to deliver a packet from your computer to the service on the Internet you are using.
    • Mission Digital can help you decide what speed you may need so that you are not overpaying for service you will not be leveraging.