Smart Home

Your Future Digital Home

Imagine your house coming to life. Anticipating when you need lighting and when you don’t, keeping the temperature in the house comfortable all year round, and protecting it when you’re away. A Smart Home connects devices, allowing them to communicate with one another. The benefit is that an action or event occurring in one can trigger an action in others. Something as simple as having video come up on a display in your master bedroom or on your mobile device when someone comes to your front door.

This and many other solutions can be reality and be simple enough that anyone can benefit from them. Mission Digital will work closely with you to provide the right features and services that align to your lifestyle.

Whole Home Music

Whole Home Music allows for each room of your home to have either a combined music source playing or independent music play. All controlled by either your phone or an iPad. Once music is easy to use and available throughout your home, you will be amazed at how life-changing it can be.

Lighting Control

Smart lighting control creates ambiance, provides security, and is convenient and efficient. Mission Digital certified programmers use only the highest quality lighting control technology from industry-leading brands like Brilliant Tech, Lutron, URC, and Saviant. Our lighting control systems provide homeowners with increased levels of comfort while affording them a wide variety of elegant control options.

Voice Control

Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Home are the leading voice assistant ecosystems on the market. It’s still possible to use both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to control your smart home simultaneously. Mission Digital can help streamline smart home automation across multiple devices. Once it’s all set up, using voice commands to control your smart home becomes even easier.

Climate Control

With smart thermostats, you can adjust your home temperature from a single device or control each room from any iPad, iPhone, Android, or Brilliant Tech touch screen whether you’re at home, in the office, or on vacation. Smart climate control solutions through Google’s Nest will make your life much more convenient and give you the freedom to control many aspects of your home to suit your needs. Easily create a comfortable environment by making adjustments from the same touch screen you use to manage your lights, motorized shades, and home entertainment system.