TV Mounting

Your TV Mounting Professionals

Mission Digital provides all types of solutions and one of the most common services is correctly mounting TVs on the walls in your home. We provide a turn key services that can hide cables in the wall, provide power that follows electrical code standards, and has a great attention to detail. Detail that includes the TVs being as close to the wall as possible, cables that are stored tidy, cables and mounts that are of great quality, and ultimately an amazing look for your home. 

We can mount TVs just about anywhere, including above fireplaces, outside patios, and in difficult places like bathrooms and hallways.

Above Fireplace

Have a small living room and want to add more seating? Mounting a TV above the fireplace can be a great way to get additional space in a living room. Complex surfaces like brick, stone, or tile can still have TVs mounted on them. We have years of experience mounting TVs above fireplaces and can offer options to ensure the viewing experience is the best possible

General Placement

Mission Digital offers general TV mounting services done correctly and to electrical code. This includes running the power and cables in the wall using safe and compliant solutions. Need help moving TVs from one home to another? We can remove the TVs from the wall and transport them to the new home. Once we arrive, our expert technicians will mount the TVs using high-quality products and with attention to detail.


Looking to mount a TV outside but don’t know where to start? Mission Digital can walk you through options and make suggestions on where to place TVs as well as do the installation. Outdoor TVs are often not required and Mission Digital can help reduce the cost of enjoying a TV in your outdoor space.

Frame TV

Have a challenging space that doesn’t always need a TV on display? Frame TVs can provide an artwork-type look in a room without having a TV look. Mission Digital can install a Frame TV that will display artwork unless switched to TV mode. These work great in places like a sitting room, above fireplaces, or even in a dining room.

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